A cyborg is an organism that has both artificial and natural systems. Current advancements in biotechnology has sprung a menagerie of cyborg creatures. Some seem to be inspired from bad science fiction movies while others are very useful.

Here is the cyborg zoo, a collection of living organisms that have been "assimilated", starting with the lowest Phyla.



What if slime can grow legs? This is the answer.

Japans' RoboRoach


This bonsai of a cyborg is based on  the common American cockroach. What's the best way to get at a nemesis then to have this cyborg crawl across the sushi bar into their sashimi?

Cornell U.'s scratch and sniff Moth.


A mixture of defunct entertainment technology and weird science, Cornell's moth is controlled by a nano pheromone dispenser stuck to its back.

Darpa's RoboMoth.

It's not enough that moths are tormented by artificial light, now DARPA has commanded the humble insect to fly in any direction.

US Army's Beetlebot.


The army is recruiting this though beetle. Comes ready with battle armor and mean pincers.



Maybe the most creative use for the scourge of the northern lake fisheries, make a sea hag's brain control a robots.

Darpa's cyborg shark .


Dr. Evil just couldn't resist.



Get this critter to crawl through tight spaces, It will wire a building for internet or look for survivors under rubble.

China's RC Pigeon


With a connector in its head, the Chinese cyborg pigeon fly like any other remote controlled plane.  Maybe RC enthusiasts will find it at Wal-Mart soon....

The CIA's Acoustic Kitty


This is a technology from the crazy cloak and dagger days of the cold war. Recently declassified, the acoustic kitty can be a great prop in a 007 movie.

Duke University's RoboMonkey

The ultimate in laziness, the monkey thinks and his robot arm feeds it. This super monkey can also control a walking robot halfway across the word with just the power of his thoughts.

Cyborg Humans


While a far cry from the cyborg technology found in Stark Trek, today's technology is helping people tremendously not enslaving them.